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There is a tremendous need to communicate the truth to today’s students
face-to-face, in a language they can actually understand. We’ll meet that need
through live speaking events and worldview conferences for students and adults.

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For almost two decades, Brett Kunkle has taken students on incredible worldview
missions experiences to Berkeley, Boulder, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City. In more than
25 years of youth work, there’s not a single program we’ve seen that has the breadth
and depth of impact on students’ lives like these immersive worldview experiences.

Atheism? Secularism? Skepticism? Other world religions? Why in the world would we expose students to such ideas?
Because we want to inoculate them from false ideas and grow in their knowledge of Christianity.

Think about it. Why do people get a flu shot? To inoculate themselves from the flu virus. We purposely expose ourselves to a virus in order to protect from the virus. That’s exactly what we’ll do with your students. They’ll see firsthand that Christianity can stand up to the toughest questions of the skeptic. They’ll discover the amazing evidence for the truth of Christ and His Word.

And guess what? When they arrive home from their apologetics experience, not only will they have more confidence that the Christian worldview is actually true, they will also discover a new love and compassion for lost and hurting people.

Most Christian students simply don’t know what they believe. Go ahead, ask them. Ask your students to give a simple definition of the Trinity…that’s not heretical. Have them offer a brief explanation of Jesus’ work on the cross. A few might blurt out a Christian cliche or two, but most have no real knowledge about these core, life-changing Christian truths. But how in the world are you going to motivate them to learn these things? Take them to Utah.

In Utah, theology is on most people’s minds because the majority of them are Mormons. In Utah, we’ll give your students plenty of chances to dialogue with people of the Mormon faith. At the Salt Lake City Temple. At BYU. Or while serving in the community. And that will motivate them like nothing else. Your students will be asking you to teach them more about the Bible. Utah will deepen their knowledge of God and His Word like nothing else. And that knowledge will deepen their relationship with Christ and give them a love for people who need Christ.
The vast majority of Christian students live with God operating in the background of their everyday life. They have no idea how their Christianity relates to most areas of life like the arts, entertainment, business, politics, law, history, education or the most pressing social issues of our day. So, God seems irrelevant to much of a student’s life. But how would our lives be transformed if we understood how the knowledge of Christ touches every square inch of reality? Our Worldview Immersive Experience will open students’ eyes to the God-bathed world they live in and how His truth transforms every single area of life.

If you're interested in taking your high school or college students on a life-transforming immersive Experience, fill out the information at the button below and we'll get in touch to talk about how we can partner with you to impact your students for the cause of Christ.

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