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True Story

Is Christianity actually true? And can we know it? Are there good reasons and evidence for the Christian faith? This video course will introduce you to apologetics—a reasonable defense of Christianity—and give you confidence that what we believe isn’t just wishful thinking or leap of blind faith, but the truth about all of reality. This course covers topics like truth, God’s existence, the reliability of the Bible and Jesus as the only way.
[appropriate for students and adults]

True Story - An Apologetic for Christianity
The Final Word—What Scripture Teaches About God, the Gospel & Mormonism

The Final Word

Who is God? What is the Gospel? And how do we know what’s true when it comes to competing religious claims? This video course will give you a basic foundation of the central claims of Christianity and contrast them with the false teaching of Mormonism. You’ll come to understand how Mormonism differs radically from biblical Christianity and be equipped to share the good news of the true gospel with your Mormon friends and family.
[appropriate for students and adults]

Navigating a World of Screens

2020 MAVEN Conference
Do you need help navigating a world of technology, screens, social media, smartphones, and computers? Do you wonder how much screen time is too much? How do we keep the avalanche of images, videos and messages that bombard us from becoming a corrosive influence in the lives of our children and youth? In these six video sessions from the 2020 MAVEN Conference, we’ll take a balanced look at the impact of screens in our lives and how we can navigate technology in a way that protects us and pleases Christ.
[appropriate for students and adults]

Navigating a World of Screens - 2020 MAVEN Conference