OUR MISSION: MAVEN exists to help the next generation know truth, pursue goodness and create beauty, all for the cause of Christ, and to equip those who teach and train them—parents, grandparents, youth workers, pastors and educators—to do the same.

"Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance, the only thing it cannot be is moderately important." – C.S. Lewis


MAVEN is youth-focused. We are passionate about young people. Youth. Students. Junior highers. High schoolers. College students. The next generation. Because of our love for youth, we are also passionate about the people who disciple the next generation. Parents. Grandparents. Pastors. Youth leaders. Organizational leaders. Educators. We want to come alongside them to partner, guide, encourage, teach, train and equip them to raise up the next generation for the cause of Christ.


Gender identity. Sexual orientation. Pornography. Casual sex. Consumerism. Affluence. Substance abuse. Violence. Technology. Social media. Entertainment. Racial tension. Pluralism. Secularism. Atheism.

Are they ready for these conversations? Are we? The typical evangelical kid in our typical evangelical church is not. Neither are their parents or leaders. Rather than bemoan the situation and give in to despair, the church needs to redouble her efforts in discipling the next generation. And we need to do it in culturally-savvy and relevant ways, while never compromising the truth of Christ.

Recently, I was at a youth event where a video was played for students to watch. The content was right on. However, the way it was packaged—the music, the graphics—was way off. I had my initial reservations about the video, but surveyed some students afterward to hear their thoughts.

Sure enough, the production and packaging of the video alone turned them off, so much so, they didn’t even hear the message. And these were Christian students who care. The important message of truth was lost because of the way it was presented. It only confirmed something that we’re all now seeing in the next generation: they listen with their eyes.

Therefore, we must repackage and re-present the truth to media-saturated students who have been raised on screens and images. We must wrap the truth in culturally savvy ways that grab the attention of their distracted minds, gain a hearing and woo them back to Christ. We need a new brand—a new movement—to reach that kind of kid. That’s why we need MAVEN.

Check out our game plan to carry out this mission.

This is by far the most asked question. We wanted a name that didn’t sound academic or educational and that wasn’t overly “apologetic-y,” because (sadly) that simply does not appeal to the average Christian student. However, we also wanted a name that communicated accurately what we’re about.

Our “field” is faith in the truth of Christ. So for us, a maven is one who knows the truth of Christ and seeks to pass it on to others. That’s what we want to be for young people. That’s what we want students to become. That’s what we want to help parents, pastors and youth leaders become for their children and youth.

How will we carry out our mission? Check out our game plan.


Brett Kunkle

Founder & CEO These titles don't mean much because Brett mostly just does what Erin tells him to do. He also speaks, writes, and provides vision and direction for MAVEN.

Erin Kunkle

Podcaster & Speaker Erin is the sweet voice you hear on the MAVEN Podcast. She is also a wife, homeschooling mom, Sunday school teacher, gourmet chef, wise sage and basically a real-life super hero.

Debbie Chan

Administrative Assistant Debbie is super organized. Brett, not so much. So Debbie assists Brett and handles all the details of his speaking scheduling. If you want to book Brett, talk to Debbie.

Jacob Clemons

CFO Jacob knows numbers. So he oversees all things financial and ensures that MAVEN is operating like well-oiled machine..

Jourdan Svajda

Executive Assistant Jourdan makes things run and keeps us in line. Without this multi-talented and super-organized lady, we’d be a mess.

Glenn Pinson

Director of Immersive Experiences Glenn is passionate about helping students get truth out of the classroom and into real life. He oversees all MAVEN’s Immersive Experience trips. Want to take your students on a life-transforming trip? Talk to Glenn.

Ryan Pauly

IE Field Guide Ryan knows his stuff. And he also knows students. He brings years of experience as a missionary, full-time high school teacher and a masters level graduate in apologetics, to leading students on our immersive experiences.

Tim Stratton

IE Field Guide Tim is a really smart dude. He has an M.A. in apologetics and is working on a Ph.D. But he is also a former youth pastor, so not only is he super smart, he knows how to relate to young people. He’s an amazing guide for our immersive experiences.


These guys. Wise men who love Jesus, think really really carefully, and
pass on some of their wisdom and advice to the MAVEN leadership.


Know. Be. Live.
Know Jesus more deeply.
Be transformed in your character.
Live a life of Kingdom influence.

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