Next Steps

We are happy that we got a chance to talk with you about the Christian world view and share the good news of God’s love and forgiveness for us all through the work of Jesus.

We hope that you will use the resources here to reach out and get answers to your questions or even become part of a local community of people that can love and support you on your quest for answers.

We encourage you to read the Gospel of John in the New Testament for background info on Jesus and His ministry.

If you are able, call any of the people listed here, please tell them that you met some people from Maven and you are interested in learning more.

If you are unable to reach one of the people listed in your area, reach out to Maven directly at and we will help you get connected.


If you are a college age male student at Snow College, call  Marcus Bratton  (909) 371-8647

If you are a college age female student at Snow College, call Julia Bratton  (949) 351-9269

If you are an adult male from Snow College, call  Shane Jones (435) 609-6222

If you are an adult female from Snow College, call Kim Jones (435) 609-9053

If you are from the local community - Sanpete County (Ephraim area)
Male contact - Pastor Rodney Zedicher (435) 851-4983
Female contact - Deanna Zedicher (435) 851-4933

Call or email Scott McKinney at Centerpoint Church
email at or call the church office at 8012253038 and ask for Scott McKinney

Call or email Aaron Marshall with Ratio Christi    704-806-6696

Loren Pankratz
The Bridge Community
1284 W 75 N, Centerville UT, 84014

Betty Kahrs
Southeast Christian Church
Front office - 801-272-5256
Text line - 385-316-6231


Call or email Flagstaff Christian Fellowship
Email or call the church office at (928) 774-3603


Call or email Mountainview Church
Email or call the church office at (928) 526-4783
You can call Derek Williams at (928) 864-8902
Email Derek at:
Youth meetings on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings

Call or email Paul Wallace at Wayside Bible Chapel
Email Mobile (928) 254-8843 or call the church office at (928) 282-4262


Master's Bible Church


Call or email Bryan Moselle at University Bible Church
Email or call the church office at (310) 474-9065

UCLA Students:
Instagram: @a2f_ucla
Gracepoint LA:

Call the people at Gracepoint. The student group there is called “Klesis”
UC Berkeley: Klesis Berkeley
Instagram: @klesisberkeley
Gracepoint Berkeley:


In the Boulder, Erie, or Thornton area:
Call or email Calvary Bible Church
email or call the church office at (303) 442-3484

Reach Church
1212 Miramonte St

Broomfield, CO 80020
Pastor Kevin Utile
‭(303) 888-4436‬

University Lutheran Chapel
1202 Folsom St
Boulder CO 80302
Pastor Robert Jarvis
‭(763) 280-4904‬


Point Cafe Boulder
1101 13th St, Boulder, CO 80302
(720) 456-6177
Call or drop in for coffee and conversation


Contact Kairos Christian Fellowship
(DC Area) University of Maryland: Kairos Christian Fellowship
Instagram: @umdkairos