MAVEN's approach to mission trips is truly unique. Through immersive experiences, students gain a deeper understanding of apologetics, theology, and evangelism, and learn to engage with people from all backgrounds - atheists, skeptics, Mormons, Unitarians, university students, politicians, business owners, and more. This hands-on approach equips students to articulate their faith with confidence and compassion, and grow in their knowledge of the truthfulness of Christianity.


MAVEN offers three unique and transformative Immersive Experiences: an Apologetics, Biblical, and Worldview trip. Our Apologetics trip will equip students to confidently defend and share their faith with skeptics and non-believers. The Biblical trip will deepen students' understanding of God and His Word through engaging with Mormons and exploring the depths of Christian theology. Finally, our Worldview trip will show students how the knowledge of Christ impacts every area of life, transforming their worldview and giving relevance to their faith. Each trip provides a unique and transformative experience, equipping students with the tools to engage with others and grow in their faith.


Why are you a Christian? How can truth be objective? Is there evidence that God actually exists? Why would anyone trust the Bible? Don’t all roads eventually lead to God? These are common questions skeptics ask us. Should these questions make our students nervous or shake their Christian faith? No.

MAVEN’s Apologetics Immersive Experience will prepare students to know the reasons WHY Christianity is true, to answer difficult objections, and to intelligently and graciously share the Gospel.

Apologetics Immersive Experience Trip Itinerary

Apologetics Immersive Experience Guidebook

Most Christian students don't know what they even believe. Go ahead and test your students. Ask them for an accurate definition of the Trinity, an essential belief of the Christian faith. You’ll typically get one of two kinds of answers: one that turns out to be heretical or one that is too simplistic or naïve. Or have them offer a brief explanation of Jesus' work on the cross. A few might blurt out a Christian cliché, but most have no clue about the depths and significance of our salvation. So, how do we motivate them to learn these vital truths? Take them on the Biblical Immersive Experience.

On this trip students will get plenty of opportunities to dialogue with Mormons. And guess what? Mormons who seem to know their Bibles better than your students do will offer such a compelling challenge that your students will be begging us to teach them more. MAVEN’s Biblical Immersive Experience will deepen their knowledge of God and His Word like nothing else. And that knowledge will deepen their relationship with Christ and give them a love and compassion for people who need the true Gospel of Grace. MAVEN’s Apologetics Immersive Experience will prepare students to know the reasons WHY Christianity is true, to answer difficult objections, and to intelligently and graciously share the Gospel.

Biblical Immersive Experience Trip Itinerary

Biblical Immersive Experience Guidebook

The vast majority of Christian students live with God in the far background of their everyday lives. They have no idea how their Christian faith relates to the arts, entertainment, business, politics, education, or the pressing social issues of our day. Therefore, God seems irrelevant to much of a student’s life. But how would their lives be transformed if they understood how the knowledge of Christ touches every inch of reality? Our Worldview Immersive Experience will open students’ eyes to how His truth transforms every single area of life.

Worldview Immersive Experience Trip Itinerary

Worldview Immersive Experience Guidebook

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