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It’s an absolutely unique approach to mission trips. MAVEN creates one-of-a-kind trips, immersing students in real-life worldview, apologetics, theology, and evangelistic experiences. Participants are equipped to engage in conversations with all kinds of people from different backgrounds–atheists, skeptics, Mormons, Unitarians, university students, politicians, business owners, and more. Students grow so much deeper in their knowledge of and confidence in the truthfulness of Christianity. They learn how to articulate their Christian faith and share the gospel intelligently and compassionately with an unbelieving and skeptical world.

Seekers of Truth Watch this film documenting a Biblical Immersive Experience to Utah, which was filmed and produced by a student who attended the trip.

Trip Recap Video Watch the trip recap of 22 students from Capo Valley Christian School who attended one of the original Apologetics Immersive Experiences.

Blog Post Read Dr. Tim Stratton’s blog post describing his reflections on one of MAVEN’s Immersive Experiences.

A culture that is friendly or even just neutral toward the Christian faith? That’s long gone. Today, in the West, our kids are growing up in a secular culture that is outwardly hostile toward Christianity and Christians. And the shallow faith of many of our young people is easily overwhelmed and overtaken by the ideas and values of an aggressive culture. Our kids are drowning.


So, how do we help them navigate such a challenging culture? How do we guide our students through the secular ideas that run directly contrary to their Christian faith? What will light their path forward? Only the truth of God’s Word.


But we know that we can’t be satisfied if a student merely says, “because the Bible tells me so.” For their faith to survive and thrive, they have to know what they believe, why they believe it, and why it matters for every single area of life. That’s why many of our current methods and models of youth discipleship that try to entertain students with fun, games, and pizza parties, or even more serious events like local service projects or traditional mission trips, are not enough. Students actually want more. They need more. Listen to college student Gabrielle, reflecting on the training she received in youth group, after attending a secular university for a couple of years:


            “I was in several youth groups in high school and unfortunately found that youth group was too ‘soft’—we played a lot of games and had a lot of fun retreats, but rarely learned about the fundamentals of faith, why we believe what we believe, and what it is that we do believe. Now that I am in college, my faith is under constant scrutiny and always being tested by scientific concepts and the secular slant of most universities. I wish I had been equipped with a more solid justification for my faith: knowing how to answer the tough questions, how to respond to arguments, and how to stand firm in what feels like a storm against my spirituality.”


MAVEN’s Immersive Experiences will give your students a much deeper knowledge of God’s Truth, an understanding of how God’s Truth should impact every square inch of their lives, and the courage to share God’s Truth with a hostile and skeptical world.


Student Testimony – “Being immersed in an intense, yet life-giving learning environment allowed me to better understand the importance of recognizing the objective truthfulness of God and His Word, as well as the importance of having a firm foundation in knowing why we as Christians believe what we do. As a whole, this trip allowed for endless opportunities for me to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit working in my spirit and opened my eyes to the beautiful work God is doing through us as the body of Christ.”Michaela, college student


Michaela sent this message to us as a 19-year-old college student who attended one of MAVEN’s Biblical Immersive Experiences to Utah. Growing in her confidence that God’s Word is objectively true, understanding the reasons why it’s true, and then seeing God’s truth lived out each day of the trip had an impact on Michaela that will stay with her for a lifetime.

Watch this short video we produced to help leaders understand why youth need a MAVEN Immersive Experience.

“A Practical Plan to Raise Up the Next Generation” – Read this article Brett Kunkle wrote to give parents and leaders a practical plan for raising up the next generation

“Equip to Engage” by Brett Kunkle – Watch/listen to Brett Kunkle’s talk on how to effectively equip our students to engage culture.

A Practical Guide to Culture by Brett Kunkle – Read Brett Kunkle’s book on helping the next generation navigate today’s secular culture.

Like we said, MAVEN’s Immersive Experiences are absolutely unique. And that sometimes makes students, parents and church leaders a little nervous. However, once you’ve been on an Immersive Experience, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll want your students to attend again. In fact, more than 90% of the groups we take on their first Immersive Experience sign up for another one. But until you go, it’s hard to know! So, to help you get a better understanding of the life-changing nature of these trips, we’ve produced a handful of helpful resources for the different stakeholders you’ll need to convince.

Parent Video We’ll help your parents understand why sending their students on an Immersive Experience should be a significant part of student discipleship.

Student Video We’ll challenge your students to seriously consider attending your Immersive Experience.

Church Leader Video It’s key to gain the support of your church leaders. We’ll make a compelling argument for why they should send students on an Immersive Experience.

Student Application An Immersive Experience is not for every student. Here’s the application students will need to complete and turn in to you, so you can appropriately vet them.

Atheist Dialogue Example – What do interactions with skeptics actually look like? Are they heated and hostile? Parents and leaders may want to know beforehand. Watch a discussion that took place between Brett Kunkle and one of our atheist friends during one of MAVEN’s Apologetics Immersive Experiences, to get a clearer picture of the kind of engagement that happens on these trips.

MAVEN’s Mission, Vision & Strategy Many parents and leaders will find encouragement in knowing more about us. Here’s more information about MAVEN and why we do what we do.

We have three different Immersive Experiences. Each trip is unique. 


Why are you a Christian? How can truth be objective? Is there evidence that God actually exists? Why would anyone trust the Bible? Don’t all roads eventually lead to God? These are common questions skeptics ask us. Should these questions make our students nervous or shake their Christian faith? No.

MAVEN’s Apologetics Immersive Experience will prepare students to know the reasons WHY Christianity is true, to answer difficult objections, and to intelligently and graciously share the Gospel.

The Pre-Trip Video Trainings

Session One | Why I Am a Christian

Session Two | Truth Never Gets Old

Session Three | God, Are You Out There?

Session Four | Why Should I Trust the Bible?

Session Five | Only One Way

Session Six | The Allure of Good Questions

The Locations

Berkeley, CA; Washington, DC; Flagstaff, AZ

The Apologetics Immersive Experience Trip Itinerary – Review an actual trip itinerary and see how it plays out from day-to-day.

The Apologetics Immersive Experience GuidebookExplore the .pdf file of the student guidebook each attendee will receive for their pre-trip, trip, and post-trip work.

The Apologetics Immersive Experience Required Readings

This trip has one book that is required reading for students

I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be An Atheist by Norman L. Geisler and Frank Turek

Most Christian students don’t know what they even believe. Go ahead and test your students. Ask them for an accurate definition of the Trinity, an essential belief of the Christian faith. You’ll typically get one of two kinds of answers: one that turns out to be heretical or one that is too simplistic or naïve. Or have them offer a brief explanation of Jesus’ work on the cross. A few might blurt out a Christian cliché, but most have no clue about the depths and significance of our salvation. So, how do we motivate them to learn these vital truths? Take them on the Biblical Immersive Experience.


On this trip students will get plenty of opportunities to dialogue with Mormons. And guess what? Mormons who seem to know their Bibles better than your students do will offer such a compelling challenge that your students will be begging us to teach them more. MAVEN’s Biblical Immersive Experience will deepen their knowledge of God and His Word like nothing else. And that knowledge will deepen their relationship with Christ and give them a love and compassion for people who need the true Gospel of Grace.


The Pre-Trip Video Training

Session One | Are Mormons Christians?

Session Two | Who Is God?

Session Three | What Is the Gospel?

Session Four | How Do We Know What’s True?

Session Five | What Is Your Authority?

Session Six | How Do We Engage with Mormons?


The Locations

Utah; Other Mormon-Focused Areas

The Biblical Immersive Experience Trip Itinerary – Review an actual trip itinerary and see how it plays out from day-to-day.

The Biblical Immersive Experience Guidebook Explore the .pdf file of the student guidebook each youth will receive for their pre-trip, trip, and post-trip work.

The Biblical Immersive Experience Required Readings 

This trip has two books that are required reading for students

The Ambassador’s Guide to Mormonism by Brett Kunkle (Required)

Witness to Mormons in Love by Daniel G. Thompson (Required)

LDS Triple Combination: The Book of Mormon; Doctrine of Covenants; Pearl of Great Price (Optional)

The vast majority of Christian students live with God in the far background of their everyday lives. They have no idea how their Christian faith relates to the arts, entertainment, business, politics, education, or the pressing social issues of our day. Therefore, God seems irrelevant to much of a student’s life. But how would their lives be transformed if they understood how the knowledge of Christ touches every inch of reality? Our Worldview Immersive Experience will open students’ eyes to how His truth transforms every single area of life.


The Pre-Trip Video Trainings

Session One | How Your Worldview Affects Every Area of Your Life

Session Two | What Does it Mean to be Human?

Session Three | Created to Create: Creating Beauty for God’s Glory

Session Four | God, Money, & Economics

Session Five | God & Politics

Session Six | The Law Written on Our Hearts


The Locations

Los Angeles, CA; Atlanta, GA; Other Big Cities

The Worldview Immersive Experience Trip Itinerary – Review an actual trip itinerary and see how it plays out from day-to-day.

Arts & Entertainment Ministries – Check out one of our ministry partners in Los Angeles to get an idea of the kind of training students will receive.

The Worldview Immersive Experience GuidebookExplore the .pdf file of the student guidebook each youth will receive for their pre-trip, trip, and post-trip work.

The Worldview Immersive Experience Required Readings

This trip has two books that are required reading for students

What’s Your Worldview? by James N. Anderson

A Student’s Guide to Culture by Brett Kunkle & John Stonestreet

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